As you travel among buildings, walkways and parking lots, we would ask that you please report any problematic surface conditions to ext. 6111. Your helpful observations, thoughts and comments are invaluable to our snow and ice removal efforts.

The following is our general snow removal strategy which may be a helpful reference for those with questions regarding general priorities and the order in which campus areas are addressed.


Upon the accumulation of snow, our 3 large plows work simultaneously to clear the following areas, listed here in priority order:

1.  Rockwell Road and Lots R-1 and R-5
2.  Iroquois Drive and Lot I-38
3.  Rees Street, between Rockwell Road and Iroquois Drive
4.  Cleveland Circle Drive
5.  Porter Hall Loading Zone (for fire hydrant access)
6.  Academic Drive and Lot R-6
7.  Union Place and Lot R-7
8.  Buckham Hall R-13 
9.  Tower I-IV Service Road
10. Lot R-14
11. Lot G-24
12. Lots R-15, G-20, G-21 and G-22
13. Lot I-39

Along with the above plows, up to 5 pick-up trucks are used to address the following areas simultaneously, also listed in priority order:

1. Cleveland Hall Visitors’ Lot R-4; Ketchum Hall Lot R-2; Burchfield Penney Art Center Lot R-3; Rockwell Hall Lot I-30 and the Commuter Lot I-33
2. Clinton Center Lots R-9 and R-10; Union Place Lot R-7; and Bengal Drive
3. Bacon Hall Lot I-32; Caudell Hall Lot I-34; Upton Hall Lots I-35, I-36, and I-37; and Campus House Lot I-31
4. Buckham Hall Lot R-12; Technology Building Lot R-12; and Power Plant Lot R-8


Along with all other plow vehicles, a number of specialty vehicles are used to clear the following areas simultaneously, listed here in priority order:

1. Access ramps
2. Main residence, classroom and administrative walkways
3. Quad areas

Fire hydrants are cleared as accumulations warrant.  All vehicles mentioned in this snow plan are dispatched at the same time, with the snow removal procedure repeated until all areas are clear. One complete cycle of snow clearance takes about 12 hours. The efficacy of each cycle depends on the rate of snowfall, the outdoor temperature and whether or not classes are in session. Custodial personnel are responsible for clearing snow and ice up to 20 feet from building entrances.

Further questions or comments regarding this correspondence may be directed to Customer Service at ext. 6111.

We want to sincerely thank you for your anticipated patience, understanding and assistance with our snow and ice removal efforts.