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CHSR was founded at SUNY Buffalo State in 1997 by Dr. William F. Wieczorek who continues to be the director. CHSR is a leader in researching critical issues such as drunk driving, suicide, violence, mental health, substance abuse, and educational reforms. CHSR regularly competes for and has secured funding from a wide variety of national, state, and local entities, while relying on the resources of SUNY Buffalo State for core services and support. Since about 2001, CHSR has become closely involved in behavioral health strategic planning, technical support, evaluation, and service provision in Western New York. The main focus has been on improving the impact of services and programs to prevent substance abuse and mental health problems.

Communities Served

CHSR produces research that is relevant to local, statewide, and national behavioral health issues. The main local focus is on Erie County, New York. Notably, CHSR is the lead organization for the West Side Youth Development Coalition, which is funded by a Drug Free Communities grant.

Primary Services

Access to new technology such as geographic information systems and computer-assisted telephone interviewing are mainstays of strong methodological approaches used by the Center's projects. This type of work has resulted in a variety of publications, as well as partnerships with several academic institutions and community agencies, and the development of a Risk Indicator Database for the Erie County Department of Mental Health. The Center is also currently a member agency for Px20 group, which was formed as the result of Erie County's comprehensive prevention plan. CHSR provides oversight and guidance to the environmental prevention approach utilized by the West Side Youth Development Coalition.

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