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Expert to expert May 8 to May 10 2006

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Conference 2006 Sessions

Foursight Qualification
Gerard Puccio & Blair Miller

Be trained on how to use the FourSight measure. Participants will receive information and material useful in applying the FourSight tool with individuals and teams. FourSight is a researched, field-tested and validated assessment that offers individuals, groups and organizations a simple, striking profile of exactly where they excel and breakdown in four distinct phases of the innovation process.

Creativity Bite-Size
Ladi Terry, Jeff Olma & Doug Stevenson

Creativity Bite-Size or How to serve up Creativity "hors d'oeuvres" that will "bring home the bacon." How might we offer creativity sound bites, immediately understood by prospective clients? How can we breakthrough prejudicial mindsets, fears and myths to make creativity something we can sell? This session offers participants a menu of intoxicating ideas and savory appetizers that will help wet the appetite of prospects/clients.

Arts and the CPS Process
Clara Kluk

Use art tools- sculpture and painting-and the CPS process to "see" a problem, to "see" a solution and to "see" an action plan. This session will help people to think in images rather than in words. It proposes an alternative way to find ideas and facilitates the creative process in another form.

Interactive Virtual Session
Worldwide connection

New! The conference will go high tech with a live interactive virtual session with a creativity scholar associated with the Center. The session will provide insightful, stimulating dialogue about cross-cultural applications of creativity.

Navigating Change
Hedria Lunken

Navigating Change addresses practical ways to look at change so the impact is positive and effective. Using her personal experiences, Hedria helps the participants learn ways to use CPS to reframe their challenges and choices. Navigating Change offers practical, easy to follow lessons in dealing with personal and/or organizational change. Participants will have the opportunity to use creativity tools and techniques to define their strengths, examine who they are, address what they want to change, and learn methods to design a plan for making those changes.

Communities of Practice
Kimberly Billoni

Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups who share a passion for something that they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better. Using CPS techniques, learn how to identify CoP in your work or community and how to implement this proven innovative solution to drive best practices and build collaboration.

Visualize Your Goal
Jennifer Haggerty, Virginia McIntyre & Tim Morley

In this workshop, participants will learn how to visualize in order to define their life goals and dreams. Participants will then translate this imagery onto a tangible, paper-based format. This will enable participants to clearly define their goals and confidently plan how to achieve them.

Facilitating CPS On-Line
Andy Burnett

Facilitating CPS On-Line will focus on the experience gained through delivering sessions via the web. It will also introduce preliminary research data on participant behaviour, and suggest future developments in software and facilitation style.

Creativity: The Company Soup Kitchen
Meg Quinn

Theatre of Youth (TOY) has been "steeped" in a deliberate, active creative culture. Artistic Director, Meg Quinn will share the resulting ICONs (ideas, connections, outcomes and nuances), the TOY/ICSC partnership designed to develop creative thinking skills theatre programs for children, the Torrance Incubation Model as a theatre framework to teach stroke awareness and a company wide sign language that keeps risk taking safe and ideas flowing!

FourSight in Action
Sandra Fink

Relationships- family, business partnerships, close friendships- can be strained when we view things from a different perspective and have very different problem solving preferences. Learn how to make the most of your differences and sharpen your conflict resolutions skills. This workshop will review the four problem solving preferences and focus on CPS tools to assist in opening communications and working on problems WITHOUT major headaches!

Making your Presentation Pop!
Jeannie Bross-Judge & Marilee Mahler

Snap, Crackle and Pop- It's not just for breakfast any more!: Making your Presentation Pop! Explore new ways to use multiple forms of artistic expression (e.g. movement, music, theatre, facilitated reflection) to enhance the delivery of workshops in business, education and artistic arenas. Come ready to engage in the 4 P's of Play, Practice, Present and Polish.

Selling Innovation in Large Corporations
Mike Ackerbauer

The challenge of selling innovation within an organization grows in proportion to the size of the organization. Or does it? How do creativity tools and techniques add value in a large corporate environment? As a case study, we will explore several ways in which CPS, FourSight, and other critical thinking tools can be introduced in a large corporate environment. We will analyze several approaches to introducing tools to different parts of an organization, and discuss the pitfalls and best practices found in each.

Faculty in Action
ICSC Faculty

The ICSC faculty has been busy! They will bring us up to date on their work and new developments in the field. Catch up with Gerard, Sue, Mike, Roger, Mary, and Cyndi, and meet the newest member, John Cabra. Always interesting and entertaining!

Dan Coleman

This high energy, experiential session will teach you about team building while you experience it yourself! We will work towards integrating the 2006 e2e experiences and identify how to keep the learning going.

Creating Elegant Displays, Presentations, and Posters
Colleen Dillon-Bartz

Creating Elegant Displays, Presentations, and Posters will teach those in the Creative Studies community how to use their creative skills in combination with art and design theories to enhance final products to be professional, elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Networking Opportunities Scheduled Each Day

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