Strength in Numbers 

Since CEURE's inception, the center has grown to support more than 35 initiatives, partnering with 133 schools in 9 counties.  Over 100 faculty members have been involved in CEURE projects.  The center has secured federal and private grants totaling over $13 million dollars. In the process, CEURE and partner schools have improved Math and ELA scores, been able to recruit stronger teacher candidates, improved the training teachers in schools receive, and created partnerships with a variety of public and private organizations, including General Motors, M & T Bank, and AmeriCorps.

The Benefits of Partnership

Unlike other national "teacher centers," CEURE has approached education improvement efforts from a partnership perspective.  Serving as a vehicle for collaborative efforts between urban and rural schools, CEURE provides a systemic hub that coordinates and administers resources and services to constituent partners.  All CEURE activities are integrated through existing departments and professional programs at Buffalo State College.  CEURE is able to connect the college's teacher education programs with projects that form substantive school improvement initiatives.  

Partnership with CEURE enables high-need urban and rural schools in Western New York counties to receive vital resources such as personalized student attention, targeted teaching experiences, and site-based programming.  Partnering schools also help to prepare future teachers for effective careers as educators of disadvantaged children through integrated field experiences that go beyond site-based methods course instruction and student teaching.  CEURE's staff development programming allows K-12 educators to better understand, respond to, and apply education strategies relevant to urban and rural cultural and socioeconomic influences.  CEURE assists with the recruitment and preparation of teacher education candidates to work in high needs urban and rural schools as well as support staff development activities in such schools.

A Prototype for Leadership

CEURE works towards improving instruction for children within Western New York city and rural schools on an ongoing basis, and establishing itself as a leader in urban and rural teacher education.  CEURE's broad strategic goals of recruitment, commitment, and retention of urban and rural teachers target the significant improvement of the education of children in high-need schools.  These goals provide an overall program framework from which to base all program efforts: 

  • Recruitment: Design and implement recruitment activities that attract teacher candidates from high need areas and diverse backgrounds to careers as educators. 
  • Specialized Education: Contribute towards the improvement of local educational standards through the continued presence of qualified, committed teachers; better educate/encourage urban and rural students to stay in school. 
  • Retention: Enable urban and rural schools and teachers to achieve and sustain success in the education of urban and rural students. 

Buffalo State College: Excellence in Teacher Education

CEURE is part of the teacher educational mission at Buffalo State College.  Buffalo State College, an historically prominent teacher education college in Western New York, has been dedicated to providing quality public higher education services for over 125 years.  Listed among the nation's most productive colleges for teacher education.  Buffalo State College prepares between 500-700 teachers for professional employment annually.  Over the last six New York State teacher certification examination administrations, Buffalo State College graduates have demonstrated the college's excellence by markedly exceeding statewide averages, and meeting/exceeding SUNY averages. 

Buffalo State College seeks to inspire, among its graduates, a lifelong passion for learning, and to empower a diverse population of students to succeed as citizens of a challenging world.  Toward this goal, and in order to enhance the quality of life in Buffalo and the Western New York community, the college is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, cultural enrichment, and service.