Our Center has conducted internal and external evaluations for major federal grants, including the National Science Foundation, Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (PT3), OERI Native American literacy grant, Title IId Technology Literacy grant, plus local, state and congressional grants and contracts.  We provide technical support, statistical consulting and help with research design across campus and work to help our P-16 school partners and individuals on campus use data to increase student achievement.

At CEURE, we use formative and summative evaluation to guide our programs and contribute to scholarship, both on the Buffalo State College campus and through national publications and presentations.  Our evaluator works with partners across western New York on the following:

  • Internal and external evaluations of local, state, and federal grants
  • Developing instrumentation to measure knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs in a wide range of populations
  • Conducting statistical and qualitative analysis
  • Managing large data collection efforts
  • Assisting faculty with research design and results dissemination
  • Presenting workshops on a variety of topics based on research and publication for campus and community audiences

Our evaluator is Bridget Zimmerman.  Bridget comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a research analyst having in education, healthcare, and operations.  She specializes in the quantitative analysis of complex datasets using advanced statistical techniques.  She has presented at national conferences and published best practices.  Bridget is also a certified 7-12 mathematics teacher with experience teaching in both urban and rural school districts.

We can work with your organization in all phases of the research and evaluation process, including:

  • Assistance with developing evaluation plans for grants and contracts
  • Analysis of educational data, including state and local assessment results, longitudinal studies, complex datasets and multivariate designs
  • Development and analysis of staff and student surveys, opinion polls and other qualitative tools
  • Conducing focus groups  
  • Assistance with designing a comprehensive district data management system to inform curricular change

In-School Projects:

  • Community Charter School:  Asset Assessment, Rubric Development and Portfolio Development
  • Elmwood Village Charter School:  Assessment of mentoring program
  • Youth Town:  21st Century Grant Lackawanna:  The Lackawanna City School District Youth Town program aims to improve student achievement and to increase the number of students making healthy choices and decisions by building developmental assets.  Youth Town will accomplish this goal by providing supervised, structured after-school and summer academic, social and recreational activities for all students in the district.
  • Project Write Right:  Project Write Right is supported by a three year PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology) grant and a no-cost extension (07-07) and is located at Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy, #76.  The program teaches pre-service teachers to use technology and the writing process to help children in grades 3-8 meet the NYS standard in Social Studies and English Language Arts.
  • General Motors Partnership with School #53 (Math):  The High School Ahead Math Academy program is designed to improve the math scores of the seventh and eight grade population at School #53.

We take pride in our commitment to meet the needs of our clients and partners and produce results in a timely and professional manner.  To discuss specific proposals, please contact Bridget Zimmerman  at 716 878-4655 or