Embracing the concept that certain kinds of learning occur best in the context of real world practice, the Department of Elementary Education and Reading (EER) at Buffalo State established the Professional Development School Program in 1991.  One elementary school partnership was created at that time and was quickly followed by four schools, 2 urban and 2 suburban, that entered into partnership and piloted on-site teacher preparation.  Since that time, the program has become multidimensional, encompassing over 40 PDS sites that are collaboratively designed and managed by a school - university consortium comprised of college faculty, school administrators, practicing teachers, and undergraduate and graduate student representatives.

Within a variety of venues (urban, suburban and rural), members of the consortium deliberate on how to cooperatively model for and/or supervise pre-service teacher candidates as they progress toward and through their methods practica as well as student teaching.  The mission of the consortium is four-fold:  The partnership is dedicated to college faculty, school administrators, and practicing teachers exploring effective practices to (1) cooperatively supervise preservice teachers and provide closer connections to classroom practice; (2) promote professional development for inservice teachers; (3) improve student learning; and (4) research the problems of educational practice.

Through PDS, CEURE is able to disseminate services and programs and sponsor new high-need urban schools into the network.  CEURE has also been able to support partnering schools in researching the long-term effects of five cohorts (210 preservice teachers) participating in specialized teacher training to prepare for assuming employment in challenging school settings and remaining in those districts. This extended network provides teachers with college resources, professional development training, grant opportunities, site-based instruction involving college students in classrooms, and school reform action research. 

Project Director:  Leslie Day


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