This program seeks to increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics in the Buffalo City School District by broadening the content knowledge and teaching skills of teachers of mathematics. This will be accomplished through a partnership consisting of the Buffalo City School District, Buffalo State College (BSC) Mathematics Department, the Center for Applied Technologies in Education (CATE) at the State University of New York at Buffalo and WNED Public Broadcasting System (PBS), whose shared vision is to bring their respective strengths to core and supporting partners in a coordinated effort to provide sustainable changes in mathematics education in our community. The PETLmath project will directly help in the professional development of over 300 teachers of mathematics and improve learning experiences for 40,100 K-12 students in the partnership.

Program Director:  Dr. Susan McMillen

Sponsor:  New York State Education Department


  • P.S. 200 Bennett High School
  • P.S. 43 Academy
  • P.S. 18 Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Academic Excellence
  • P.S. 307 East High School
  • P.S. 45 International School
  • P.S. 53 Community School
  • P.S. 81
  • P.S. 91 Build Academy
  • P.S. 301 Burgard Vocational High School
  • P.S. 50 Dr. Charles Drew Science Magnet
  • P.S. 96 Campus West School
  • P.S. 195 City Honors School
  • P.S. 82 Early Childhood Center
  • P.S. 31 Harriet Ross Tubman School
  • P.S. 61 Early Childhood Center
  • P.S. 302 Emerson School of Hospitality
  • P.S. Frank A. Sedita Academy School
  • P.S. Frederick Law Olmstead
  • P.S. 37 Futures Academy
  • P.S. 202Grover Cleveland High School
  • P.S. 74 Hamlin Park Elementary School
  • P.S. 76 Herman Badillo Community School
  • P.S. 80 Highgate Heights Elementary
  • P.S. 27 Hillery Park Academy
  • P.S. 69 Houghton Academy
  • P.S. 304 Hutchinson Central Technical High School         
  • P.S. 204 P.S. 204 Lafayette High School
  • P.S. 72 Lorraine Elementary
  • P.S. 89 Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence
  • P.S. 39 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Institute
  • P.S. 305 McKinley Vocational High School
  • P.S. 19 Native American Magnet
  • P.S. 205 Riverside Institute of Technology
  • P.S. 306 Seneca Vocational High School
  • P.S. 206 South Park High School
  • P.S. 93 Southside Elementary School
  • P.S. 99 Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center
  • P.S. 28 Triangle Academy
  • P.S. 95 Waterfront Elementary
  • P.S. 94 West Hertel Academy
  • Westminster Community Charter School
  • P.S. 79 PFC William J. Grabiarz School of Excellence