Many BSC faculty are already working with tutoring programs in the schools.  CEURE intends to support these initiatives and develop new ones.  The main focus of our initiative is to develop a base of evidence on tutoring practices and impacts.   It is our goal that CEURE will become a nationally recognized resource on the subject of tutoring within five years.  

As planning for this initiative has unfolded, it has become clear that tutoring is rich with research possibilities.  Tutoring is complex and the research questions raised are almost endless. Therefore, the first step in this initiative is to flesh out the parameters of a research agenda. Once themes for the agenda are identified, we will create a Task Force that will help CEURE finalize and carry out the agenda.  This task force will work closely with the Center for Health and Social Research Scholarship Support Program and the Buffalo State Research Foundation to support faculty through grant applications and research development support. Our goal is to create a comprehensive body of research that will be a significant contribution to the field on tutoring.

Project Team: 

  • Dr. Warren Gleckel
  • Dr. Theresa Janczak
  •  Dr. Paul Theobald
  • Dr. William Wieczorek

Sponsors:  The Research Foundation