This three-year grant is funded by the US Department of Education and is dedicated to helping preservice teachers recognize and use the power of technology for access and digital equity in urban schools.  The project impacts over 300 preservice teachers and their school mentors across 4 BSC departments:  mathematics, social studies, elementary education, and art education.  

Our Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology grant has many unique features.  First, it is an interdisciplinary grant involving members from art education, early childhood education, elementary education, mathematics education, and social studies education, the Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education, and Apple Computers. Second, it is focused on teaching in urban areas. Third, and most importantly, instead of asking what technological tools can be used in preservice programs, we asked: “What is good teaching and when can technology be used to help preservice students to be reflective about their own teaching and that of others?”

Project Director:  Dr. John F. Siskar

Project Team: 

  • Dr. Marion Barnett
  • Dr. Tom Giambrone
  • Dr. Dennis Mike
  • Dr. Phyllis Thompson
  • Dr. Kim Truesdell
  • Dr. Kathy L. Wood
Sponsors: U.S. Department of Education