Parent Participation

The Buffalo State College Child Care Center is committed to working with families.  We strongly encourage them to participate in every aspect of their child's program.  Parents are welcomed to visit the center at any time.

It is extremely important that you-as parents/guardians-communicate your needs and desires regarding your child's development openly and honestly with your child's teacher.  You are encouraged to discuss any developmental milestones you have encountered and share any other information that may be appropriate.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year, once near the end of the fall semester, and once near the end of the spring semester.  Progress reports will be discussed with the parents at this time.  Parents and teachers may also schedule meetings at other times throughout the year to discuss the child's development.

Parents Whereabouts

It is sometimes necessary to contact a parent/guardian during the day.  For this reason, we expect you to remain on campus.  If there is a reason you must leave campus, you MUST contact your child's teacher and leave a number at which you can be reached.

Parent Forms

You will find the necessary enrollment forms here.