The Information Services and Systems (ISAS) technology governance structure consists of the ISAS Board and the ISAS Advisory Council.

The ISAS Board is responsible for setting the campus-wide strategic goals for technology by delineating the vision and major directions that drive our technology decisions. 

The ISAS Advisory Council is responsible for providing guidance on campus priorities for enterprise technology projects and support to align expenditure of precious resources with strategic goals. 

Members of the Buffalo State faculty and staff may visit the internal ISAS Technology Governance site to view minutes from meetings as well as the charters for the governance bodies.  (campus login required.)

The Operational Plan for Technology includes attention to classroom technology; student access to computer labs; a faculty and staff computer replacement cycle; and Web-based and distance learning.

ISAS Operational Plan for Technology 2009-2013
Technology Plan 2003-2008
Technology Plan 2005 Update

Publicly viewable policies related to technology are available here: CTS faculty/staff policies and CTS student policies.