Article VIII. Amendments

A.  Amendments to these By-Laws may be originated in the following ways:

  1. Any member, or group of members, of the faculty or of the College Senate may propose an amendment to these By-Laws, in writing to the Elections and By-Laws Committee.  The Committee may present the amendment, with or without its revisions, to the faculty.
  2. Any group of at least 10% of the faculty may petition the President of the College to present an amendment to the faculty.

B. Proposed amendments, ready to be presented to the Faculty, shall be circulated to the Faculty in written form. No vote shall take place until seven calendar days have elapsed after this distribution. A vote must take place within forty calendar days. A proposed amendment may be further modified by the Faculty at the time the amendment is being considered.

C. These By-Laws may be amended by a written majority vote of the voting Faculty.

D. The voting members of the Senate authorize the members of the College Senate By-laws and Elections Committee to make such terminology changes in the College Senate Bylaws as to include such things as gender-inclusive language and other technical changes that reflect the present organizational structure of the college.  These changes must be reported to the Senate in the final report of the Committee to the Senate, and archived in the records of the Senate.