Article II. College Faculty[*]

A.  The composition of the College faculty has been fixed by the Policies of the State University of New York Board of Trustees, 1968, Article X, Section 1, and includes the Chancellor, the President, and other members of the voting faculty of the College, other members of the academic staff of the College, and such non-voting administrative officers and professional staff as may be designated by these laws.

B.  In accordance with the Policies, the Article X, Section 1, the college voting faculty is herewith defined as comprising:                                      

  1. The Chancellor of the University and the President of the College; and
  2. Members of the academic staff of the College, including those having temporary appointments; and
  3. Vice Presidents (including Associate Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents), Deans (including Associate Deans, Assistant Deans), Directors (including Associate Directors, Assistant Directors),  Associate Directors; and
  4. All professional librarians of the College; and
  5. All other professionals as defined by the active voting list of the Public Employees Relations Board of the State of New York; and
  6. All college support staff.

C.  The College Senate, as defined below, will maintain a list of eligible voters and notify in writing those persons declared to be voters under Article II, Sections A and B above.  An appeal of a Senate decision may be heard only by the voting Faculty. Any disenfranchisements of faculty members, professional staff and support staff are the responsibility of the relevant units. All faculty members and staff members should be eligible to run and vote in two elections – the general “At Large” Senate elections and one unit affiliation election (e.g., faculty schools, Professional Staff caucus, library, and support staff).

D. At a meeting of the Faculty or a faculty unit or professional support staff, a quorum shall consist of 20% of the eligible voters, unless otherwise specified by a faculty unit.

[*] The College Faculty are defined in Article II of both the College Senate By-laws and the State University of New York Policies of the Board of Trustees, 2006.