Curriculum Committee Overview

Receives, reviews, and recommends approval or non-approval of all courses and programs offered by the college, consistent with Senate policies and procedures.

Charge for the Curriculum Committee

I. Curricular Charges

The College Senate Curriculum Committee shall:

A. Review every curriculum program on a regular, periodic basis to ensure its visibility, educational need, and adherence to college policy.

1. Recommend to the faculty, or appropriate instructional unit concerned, the need for updating or major revision of a program.

2. Recommend to the Senate the need for phase-out of any programs that are of questionable need or value to the overall goals of the college.


B. Recommend to the College Senate each year the priorities for new programs. These priorities are to be consistent with the academic plan of the college as well as with budgetary restrictions placed upon new programs.

C. Develop, with the College Senate approval, appropriate structures and procedures for curriculum development and review.

D. Develop structures, guidelines and procedures whereby the faculty may recommend revision of existing programs or propose new programs in conformity with college policy.

E. Receive and review all proposals for revisions of existing programs or creation of new programs; and make recommendations concerning these to the College Senate in a manner consistent with the college and College Senate policies and procedures.

F. Review and recommend approval or non-approval of all courses offered by this college.

II. General Charge

The College Senate Curriculum Committee shall:

A. Carry out all mandates directed to the Committee from the College Senate.

B. Work cooperatively with any and all Standing Committees of the College Senate on matters that are the concern of this committee as well as that of another committee or other committees. 

C. Work cooperatively within the developing Western New York Regional SUNY structure in reviewing and recommending joint programs sponsored by this college and other campuses within the region.