Responses to Constituent Questions November 16, 2007 College Senate Meeting

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Senator McFarland/others
RE: Finding list of particular courses such as writing intensive without printed course schedule

Useful techniques were announced under “How to Find Available Courses in Banner” in the Daily, December 5, 2007.  Efforts will continue to make information available via the Web.

Senator DeHart
RE: Standard travel form for field trips
A comment in the meeting implied Research Foundation had forms which could be adapted for state-purpose use.  RF has not been able to confirm an existing form so one will be developed.

Senator DeHart
RE: Uniformity in software covered by student fee

Technology committee will review and provide report at February 2008 or March 2008 College Senate meeting.

Senator Stewart/Senator Sanders
RE: Access to SPSS and Mathematica; versions of software for campus use

SPSS is on the standard image for all Smart Classroom computers.  It is also on faculty computers for faculty who have requested it.  If a faculty member determines that it is not on a Smart Classroom machine, they should contact Instructional Resources Classroom Support at x4538.  IR has a hotline to the CTS lab team who will reinstall it.

There are more than 500 licenses for SPSS installed.  SPSS is installed in the following labs:

SPSS Windows – Base
Academic Skills – SW 320
Biology Population Genetics Lab – SC 305
Biology Teaching Lab – SC 358
Butler Study Quad – BL 110
Butler Library Faculty/Staff workroom – BL 310
CIS workroom – CS 204
Communication Bengal News lab – BI  B36
Creative Studies lab – CS 226
CTS CyberQuad lab – BL 316
CTS CyberQuad PC lab – BL 318
Criminal Justice lab – HC 106
Dietetics and Nutrition lab – CH 204A
Economics and Finance lab – HB 226
Economics and Finance library – HB 221
Educational Opportunity Program – SW 520
Educational Opportunity Program workroom – SW 730
English Teaching lab – KH 302
English Writing Center – KH 323
ESSE lab – SC 356
Great Lakes Center research lab – SC 265
Instructional Resources Smart Classrooms
Natural and Social Sciences lab – HC 104
Psychology labs – HA 312, HA 320 and HA 321
Social Work lab – HC 101
Sociology lab – HB 325
Sociology Research Center for Masters – HB 333
Speech Language Pathology lab – CH 151
Speech Language Pathology class labs – KH 213
Technology Metrology lab – UH 245
Technology labs – UH 306 and UH 504

SPSS Windows Advanced
Butler Curriculum lab
Butler StudyQuad – BL 110
Technology – UH 306

SPSS Text Analyses for Surveys
Butler Library Faculty/Staff workroom – BL 310
CIS workroom – CS 204

CTS coordinates Mathematica installs with the Math Department.  Software updates are released in the middle of the fall semester so timing is always an issue.  During the semester break it may be possible to install Mathematica more widely.  Suggested venues should be made known to CTS.  Mathematica is currently installed in the following labs.

Academic Skills – SW 320
Butler StudyQuad – BL 110
Bulger Title III lab – BC N2D
Chemistry (Biochem) – SC 466
Chemistry – SC 404
Chemistry – SC 471
Instructional Resources Smart Classrooms
Mathematics lab – BI 340

Senator Perez
RE: Expectations for student refund check, spring 2008

Issues with refund checks in fall 2007 were due mainly to the Banner transition.  While there may be isolated problems for a few students, the overall issues have been resolved and no widespread delays for spring 2008 are expected.

Senator Brady
RE: Use of StudyQuad computers during CEP week

This issue has been referred to E. H. Butler Library and others involved with StudyQuad.  Efforts to encourage use of StudyQuad for study purposes and to maintain an environment conducive to study will continue.

Senator Dapaah
RE: Use of fee increases

Report from Student Health Advisory Committee on use of health fee increase built into request and will be reported to College Senate fall 2008; Report on technology fee use to be given at February 2008 or March 2008 meeting of the College Senate

Senator MacIssac
RE: Tuition for graduate students taking undergraduate courses
Reference page 16 in the 2006-2008 Graduate Catalog; matriculated (degree seeking) graduate students pay graduate tuition for any undergraduate coursework; graduate students who are pre-majors, undeclared and non-degree students are charged undergraduate tuition rates for undergraduate courses

Senator Raffel
RE: Comment on campus migration to Office 2007

CTS has tentative plans to roll out Office 2007 for faculty and staff in the spring of 2008.  The schedule is not finalized yet because of the delay (by Microsoft) in making the Mac version of the software available.  The goal is to have both Windows and Mac users on the same version.  CTS will work with departments that use Office in their instruction to determine the best time to roll it out to the labs.  Converters for Office 2007 documents are available on all campus computers.  Anyone having difficulty opening or printing a document should consult the Help Desk (x4357), ask at the Application Support Desk in Butler library or consult the Web page:  This page can also be found by typing “Office 2007” into the search box on the campus Web site.