Responses to Constituent Questions October 19, 2007 College Senate Meeting

(PDF, 28KB)

Senator Sanders
RE:  Smart classroom ADA compliance

The Smart Classroom planning committee met November 5 to review ADA
compliance specifications and to plan strategies. Information Services and
Systems (ISAS) will work with instructors to make sure needs are met.  In the
next round of smart classroom installs, Classroom B 118 and B 119 will meet
wheelchair specification. (VP Innus).

Senator Sanders
RE:  Fire drills and examinations
Senator Raffel
RE: Timing of fire drills

New state Fire Marshall regulations require that fire drills be unannounced.  Dates for drills are set by the Fire Marshall office. (VP Kardonsky)

Senator Mitchell
RE:  Decision to not print spring 2008 schedule

Decision was made by Academic Council in consultation with Enrollment
Management offices.  A number of reasons supported the decision.  The usual practice is to go to on-line schedule when on-line registration is implemented. Printed schedules were not being extensively used.  The printed schedule is out-of –date when it is put into use because of numerous course changes and does result in problems for students trying to use it to develop a class schedule.  On-line schedule is current and accurate. (Provost Ponton)

Senator Mitchell
RE:  Support for SEFA and BSC Foundation campaign

I encourage individuals to give their proudest gifts to both campaigns. (President Howard)

Senator Gabriel
RE:  Noise and crowding in Study Quad

Butler has two quiet study areas and a quiet computer lab.  Last year, special
efforts were made to control the loud conversations. These will be repeated.
Identification of other campus space for late night social activities may be a
solution. Library personnel do not staff Study Quad after 11:00 p.m.  Plans are
being developed to expand study space in Butler.  Funding will have to be
identified.  (VP Innus)

Senator Gabriel
RE:  Potholes/condition of lot M

The main part of M lot is paved and has no pot holes. There is an “overflow area” toward the back which is gravel and only used at high surge times such as beginning of the semester.  At times access is denied by closed gates.  The area is prone to be wet and muddy.  Additional gravel will be used to resolve to the extent possible.  (VP Kardonsky)

Senator Raffel
RE:  Possible shuttle service for construction workers to resolve parking issues

Parking alternatives have been offered but a shuttle service is not feasible. (VP Kardonsky)