"Constituent Questions" have been included on the College Senate agenda since 1971.  This portion of the Senate meeting has been an opportunity for Senators to advance questions to the administration members of the Senate, or to other Senators, on any topic.  Traditionally, answers were provided, if known, at the meeting, or research was done to get answers, and present them at the following meeting.  The approved minutes of the meeting containing the answers were thus two months away from when the questions had been asked.

  • In 2007-8, a new strategy was introduced following the October 2007 meeting by Chair Cramer.  Immediately following the Senate meeting, transcription of the minutes begins with the Constituent Questions. The College Senate Secretary forwards the Questions to the Provost, who works with others to develop answers. The questions and answers are distributed with minutes, and are introduced into the minutes of the meeting, but can be shared immediately.

This section of the College Senate Web site will post these question/answer summaries as soon as they are made available.