Posted April 29, 2014

The College Elections have concluded for this year.  We would like to congratulate and welcome:

M. Scott Goodman as University Faculty Senator for a second term from 2014-2017

Amy McMillan as an At-Large Senator for a second term from 2014-2017

Ron Stewart as an At-Large Senator for his first term from 2014-2017

and Beth Hinderliter was elected to serve as an Alternative UFS, but will not sit on the Senate.


Posted August 5,2013

New Senator Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, September 12, 2013 in Cleveland Hall 418.  This important session takes place during Bengal Pause and it is advised that all NEW incoming Senators attend.  The meeting is hosted by the College Senate Parliamentarian, Dr. Slade Gellin, and the College Senate Chair, Dr. David Carson.  There are standards and expected protocols that are followed at each meeting of the College Senate.  This session will give NEW Senators a chance to learn how to conduct themselves during a Senate meeting.  The first meeting of the College Senate is on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 3 p.m. in Butler 210.

Posted June 4, 2013

Congratulations to Bill White the new Vice Chair of the College Senate for 2013-14.   

Posted March 22, 2013

Congratulations to Anthony Hotchkiss (Tech.Dept.) on being elected and James Mayrose (Tech.Dept.) on being re-elected to the College Senate.  They represent the School of the Professions(SOP), and both will begin their three year terms on August 26th 2013 ending in May of 2016.  

Posted March 21, 2013

The president has approved of the Senate's recommendation on the DOPS policy change to Contact/Credit Hours(pdf)

Posted March 8, 2013

The President has approved the New Intellectual Foundations Program as recommended by the College Senate

The New IF Program is slated for Fall 2014 implementation.

Presidents response to the Intellectual Foundations Program:  Recommended by the College Senate (pdf)

Posted March 7, 2013

Congratulations to Patrick McGovern (Physics Dept.) and Kevin Williams (Earth Science and Science Education Dept.) on being re-elected to the College Senate.  They represent the School of Natural and Social Sciences (SNSS), and both will begin their second three year terms on August 26th 2013 ending in May of 2016. 

Posted March 4, 2013

From the Chair of the College Senate Bylaws and Elections Committee
One University Faculty Senate, one alternate University Faculty Senate, and three at-large College Senate positions will become vacant on August 26.

The University Faculty senator is a senator within both the College Senate at Buffalo State and the SUNY University Faculty Senate. The alternate attends SUNY University Faculty Senate meetings only in the absence of the University Faculty senator. All full-time academic and professional employees (PSC) are eligible to run for these seats.

At-large senators represent the entirety of the college. All full-time faculty and professional employees (PSC) are eligible to seek at-large senator positions provided they meet other eligibility requirements (see below). Please note that two at-large senators will be elected to full three-year terms. The third at-large senator will complete the final two years of a vacated College Senate seat.

A call for nominations and information about candidates’ statements can be found on the College Senate website. The call for nominations for all positions begins on Monday, April 1, and continues through 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 12. Elections for these positions will run from 12:01 a.m. Monday, April 22, to 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 26.

Eligibility: Current College Senate members who are completing two consecutive terms in their respective positions are not eligible for reelection. For additional information on eligibility requirements, please consult the College Senate bylaws.

Campaigning: The College Senate Elections and Bylaws Committee strongly discourages using college e-mail services for campaigning. Please limit campaigning to the candidate statement posted on the College Senate website (available to the college community on Monday, April 15).

Individuals running for a senator position in another election may not also run for at-large senator or University Faculty senator positions while the other election is being conducted. If the other election concludes during the period when nominations for at-large or University Faculty senators are still being accepted, eligible individuals may self-nominate for either position.

If you are interested in being a candidate, please contact Vince Masci, ext. 5139. We look forward to your participation in the vital process of campus governance.

Posted February 22, 2013

Response to College Senate Recommendation: Motion on Student Fees for 2012–2013 from the Office of the President 

At its February 8, 2013, meeting, the College Senate approved a motion on student fees for 2012–2013:

Whereas, the student Health Fee, Athletic Fee, and Technology Fee were all increased in fall 2012 without meaningful student input or consultation with governance bodies,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate retroactively approves the student fee increases enacted in 2012–2013 of $41 per year for full-time students along with a corresponding part-time-fee increase, with a strong recommendation to use the consultation process going forward.

I thank the College Senate for its input on this issue. I look forward to receiving the Senate’s recommendation on future adjustments to the student fees using the consultation process that has been established and documented on the Finance and Management website.

Posted February 12, 2013

The College Senate has four new Senators.  David Abbott will be serving as At-Large filling in for Lisa Hunter who was promoted to Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities.  Shannon Schweitzer will complete Stephen Saracino's term until May 2013.  There are two new Student Senators; Gabriel Johnson and Alieu Baldeh both will serve for the Spring 2013 semester. They replace two other students that are no longer on the College Senate.  Congratulations to our new Senators, Welcome!

All College Elections are just around the corner.  Each of the four schools will elect individuals that will represent their school, serving as Senators on the College Senate.  There will be more information on the elections for 2013-14 posted on our Elections page.  Call for nominations begins on April 1st and runs through the 12th 2013 for At-Large and UFS Senators. 

Posted September 18, 2012

The College Senate at the September 14th meeting, elected Student Senator, Andrew Fournier to serve as Chair of the Student Welfare Committee.  During a contested and quick ballot election, Senator Fournier won by one vote over Student Senator Trivet Jarmond.  Also elected to serve as student representative on the Senate Agenda Committee was Senator Andrea Wright.  Congratulations to both of them and to their service on the College Senate for 2012-13.

The Global Engagement section of the new IF Program proposal will now be revised by SIFOC and the CSCC. Once they have reached an agreement according to the requests from the Senate, they will present it to the Senate for reconsideration.  The goal is to have the entire new IF Program voted on and then sent to the president for his review and approval based on the Senate' decision and recommendations.  Implementation of any new IF Program wouldn't occur until all details of the program are solidified in accordance with SUNY.

Posted September 7, 2012

Welcome back Senate Administration and Senators.  We would like to welcome our new incoming Senators to the College Senate.  You will find your service rewarding and exciting, as you engage in campus governence giving a voice for all of your constituents.  2012-2013 should be an exciting year for us, and we look forward to seeing you all at our monthly Senate meetings. Please check our home page for the Senate schedules.