Members of standing committees are appointed to serve two year terms of office.* Ideally, terms of committee members are staggered, so some continuity can be maintained. When a committee roster is presented to the Senate (by tradition, committee rosters are presented at the first meeting of the Senate, for approval), the following information should be included:  name, unit the individual represents, office address and phone number, e-mail address, specific years of term of service on the committee.

* A committee member is not prohibited from serving multiple consecutive terms as a member of a standing committee.

Standing Committees of the Senate
There are eight (8) Standing Committees of the Senate in addition to the Agenda Committee. The Committees, as specified in the By-Laws are:

  • Curriculum
  • Instruction and Research
  • Standards for Students
  • Faculty/Staff Welfare
  • By-Laws and Elections
  • Budget and Staff Allocation
  • Student Welfare
  • Academic Plan

Function and Charges
Their function and charges were developed by the Committees themselves and approved by the Senate; they are found in the Standing Rules of the Senate. The Chair of each Standing Committee must be a Senator (unless it is impossible to identify a senator to serve in this capacity, in which case a non-senator may serve). Each committee must have at least one (1) other Senator serving as a member of the committee.

The Agenda Committee is chaired by the Chair of the Senate and includes the Vice Chair, an elected student senator, the Senior University Senator and at least three (3) other members of the Senate appointed by the chair. The duties and obligations of the Agenda Committee are addressed in both the Standing Rules and the College By-Laws.

Annual Reports
Annual reports are made by each of the committees and presented to the Senate at the end of the spring semester each year. These reports are posted on the College Senate Web site and maintained for archival purposes.