College Senate Standing Rules

The following rules deal with the procedures of the Senate in conformity with the College By-Laws in that they set forth how the Senate conducts business and how its committees function. They provide a compendium which is readily available not only to Senators and committee members, but also to the college community in order to further the democratic objectives of the College By-Laws. They provide a set of rules which will enable the Senate as a continuing body to proceed with its work over the years without having to constantly devote itself to procedural concerns at the expense of other substantive matters before it. In a sense, these rules provide a frame of reference which the Senate can change as needed, in whole or in part, with a minimum of time and effort.

Rule l.              
The ordinary Order of Business for regular meetings of the Senate shall be as outlined in the College Senate Handbook, Section IV. Nothing shall prevent the Senate from altering the Order of Business at a regular meeting by unanimous consent, or by a motion carried by simple majority.

1.2 Agenda Committee. 
The Vice Chair, an elected student senator, and the Senior University Senator shall be members of the Agenda Committee. Further details about the Agenda Committee are provided in the College Senate Handbook, Section III. The Agenda Committee shall advise the Chair of the College Senate on the dispatch of Senate Business to insure that matters submitted for Senate consideration shall be properly included under one or another of the headings in the Order of Business. The Agenda Committee shall make no determination as to the merits of matters received for consideration of the Senate.

1.3 Committee Chairs.
By convention, the Chair of the College Senate convenes the chairs of the standing committees of the Senate (or their designees) each month, in advance of the meeting of the Agenda Committee. The Chair uses this meeting to receive updates on the work of the committees, as well as to discuss options for pursuit of Senate business. By convention, both the chair of Student Welfare (a student senator) and the vice-chair of Student Welfare (a non-student senator) attend.

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Rule 2. Committees. 
The Committees of the College Senate are specified in the College By-Laws.

2.1.a Membership.  
Membership on Standing Committees shall be determined in accordance with the College By-Laws. The Chair of each Standing Committee shall submit for the consent of the Senate those names of voting members he/she has selected to serve on that committee, up to the number authorized by the College Senate Handbook.

Upon motion to consent to (approve) the committee as constituted, any member of the Senate can then move to strike out one or more names, but cannot insert new ones, which the Committee Chair must do, if such a motion to strike out is adopted.  After any changes in the original names have thus been made, the Senate shall vote to give its consent to the list nominated, by majority vote.  Each Standing Committee shall have the right to add as many non-voting members to its group as it deems fit, consistent with its charge.

Each committee shall be composed of not more than fifteen members as widely representative of the college community as is consistent with the committee purposes.

Terms of office for each committee member shall be two years, and can be renewed.

2.2 Quorum. 
The quorum for all Senate Committees (Standing and Ad Hoc) shall be a majority of the voting members of the Committee.

2.3 Structure. 
All Standing Committees of the Senate shall have a method to record decisions of the committee, with the appropriate vote, for transmission to the Senate and to carry on other appropriate tasks as determined by the committee.  Standing Committees may designate members to carry out specific tasks consistent with the committee charge and may form sub-committees, or otherwise so organize itself to facilitate its responsibilities.  Committees are encouraged to regularly post their approved meeting minutes on the Senate Web site.

2.4 Meetings. 
Meetings of Standing Committees shall be called by the committee requesting a meeting.

2.5 Jurisdiction and Function (Charges).  
The function and jurisdiction of Standing Committees shall be in accordance with the College By-Laws. The charges prepared by each committee shall be approved by the Senate and shall remain in effect until the Senate adopts appropriate changes in these charges, as it deems fit from time to time, consistent with the College By-Laws. Upon initial approval by the Senate of the charges of Standing Committees, these charges shall form and be part of this rule.

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