File Archive
Files are maintained in the Senate Office for five years for all Senate materials as well as proposals for new programs, program revisions, new courses, and course revisions which are forwarded to the Curriculum Committee. After five years, due to space constraints, files are sent to E.H. Butler Library Archives and copies may be obtained by contacting them directly via e-mail or telephone at (716) 878-6300. Senate items dated prior to 2001 should be addressed to the E. H. Butler Library Archives Office, to Daniel DiLandro or Peggy Hatfield.

In addition to an office, telephone, and secretarial services, the college has established an account for the Senate to provide support for such items as:

  • Office supplies
  • Duplicating expenses
  • Travel (funds are used primarily for the University Senators to attend the three plenary sessions of the University Senate and have been used at times to fund travel by the Chair of Budget and Staff Allocations to attend budget presentations in Albany or to meetings for governance leaders held by the Chancellor).

Compensation for the Chair of the Senate
The Chair of the Senate has his/her load reduced by one course or receives compensation for a one-course overload per semester. The College supplies funds for replacement for the course from which the Chair is released. The usual summer stipend for chairs is made available to the Chair of the Senate to ensure that Senate business and planning continue over the summer.

Compensation for the Chair of the Curriculum Committee
The Chair of the Curriculum Committee receives a one-course reduction (or receives compensation for a one-course overload) per year. This is traditionally done during the spring semester.