• History
    For 36 years, the College Senate has guided, informed, and decisively acted upon issues of primary concern to SUNY Buffalo State's academic community. In the early 1970s, the College Senate evolved from a triumvirate comprised of a Faculty Council, Student Council, and an Administrative Council to its current form including stronger student representation and expansive discourse between administration and faculty.  

  • Status
    As the key consultive directorate on campus, the College Senate is guided by a strictly adhered to set of standing rules and derives its authority from the College By-Laws. Simply stated, the College Senate is designed to provide organizational structure for issues concerning the college and act as a forum, agent, and advocate for faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Organization and Structure
    Membership in the Senate and the organizational structure of the Senate are specified in the College By-Laws. The College Senate's roster presently includes the President and Provost of the college, members of the faculty and professional staff, representation from each of the four schools, a  delegate from the library, one member from the support staff, 12 students, and two non-voting members appointed by the President of the college.