• OFFICE HOURS MONDAY -FRIDAY 8:00AM-4:00PM, and non-religious holidays.
  • Please call/email ahead for special appointments

    College Senate Office
    Cleveland Hall 211
    SUNY Buffalo State
    1300 Elmwood Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14222
    (716) 878-5139

    Officers of the Senate for 2014-2015

    Chair: David Carson-716-878-6830

    Vice Chair: William White-716-878-4304

    Secretary: Vincent Masci- 716-878-5139 

    Senate Standing Committee Chairs 2014-2015

Academic Plan - Jason Grinnell

Budget and Staff Allocations -
Ted Schmidt

By-Laws and Elections - Amitra Wall

Curriculum - Karen Sands O'Connor

Faculty and Staff Welfare- Amy McMillan

Instruction and Research - Kevin Williams

Standards For Students -
Heather Maldonado

Student Welfare - Chair -  Ashley Lanning, Chair   Jill D'Angelo, Vice Chair