College Senate 2014 Elections have concluded!

Elections Update 2014- The candidates listed below have been officially elected to the College Senate for a three year term from 2014-2017 beginning in August 2014. 

2014 Senate Caucus results

Senate Parliamentarian- Slade Gellin

Chair of the Senate- David Carson

Vice Chair of the Senate- Bill White

Academic Plan Committee Chair- Jason Grinnell

Budget Staff & Allocations Committee Chair- Ted Schmidt

By-Laws and Elections Committee Chair- Amitra Wall

College Senate Curriculum Committee Chair- Karen Sands O'Connor

Faculty and Staff Welfare Committee Chair- Amy McMillan

Instruction and Research Committee Chair- Kevin Williams

Standards for Students Committee Chair- Heather Maldonado

Student Welfare Committee Faculty Vice Chair- Jill D'Angelo


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  • your user name and password.  From there a voting link will appear and you will be instructed to follow the election directives, thus allowing you to cast your vote in this year's elections.  Thank you for supporting campus governance.