Why Attend Buffalo State?


[Why] would you want to go to Buffalo State instead of other larger institutions that may be better known for technology or science? Because here, as a freshman, you’ll be taught by Ph.D. professors instead of graduate students. You’ll be in a lecture class with 40 instead of 400. Your teachers will actually know you by name. And most importantly, you’ll get to do research as a freshman or sophomore, which is rare at other colleges.


IF YOU CHOOSE BUFFALO STATE TO STUDY science, mathematics, engineering and industrial technology, or computer information systems, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Science labs equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

  • Technology programs that include courses that help you apply fundamental engineering principles.

  • Two new biology concentrations provide access to research tools in emerging fields. Aquatic biology utilizes the Great Lakes Center with its waterfront laboratory and its fleet of research vessels. Biotechnology—emphasizing genetics, DNA, and organic chemistry—enables students to take advantage of emerging opportunities in Western New York’s growing bioinformatics industry.

  •  StudyQuad, a high-tech feature of E. H. Butler Library, is open late for your convenience...even round the clock during finals.