Problem-Solving Sessions  These faculty-led sessions are designed to help you review difficult material and practice solving problems. Attendance is required as part of the course.

Courses for Fall 2009

    Section ID          Course

1314             CIS151, INFORMATION PROCESS I

1322             CIS151, INFORMATION PROCESS I

1325             CIS251, INFORMATION PROCESS II

3026             CIS251, INFORMATION PROCESS II

2338             GES101, INTRO GEOLOGY

1248             MAT126, APPLIED CALCULUS I

2695             MAT126, APPLIED CALCULUS I

2711             MAT126, APPLIED CALCULUS I

2714             MAT126, APPLIED CALCULUS I

2710             MAT127, CALCULUS of SEVERAL VARIABLES

2713             MAT127, CALCULUS of SEVERAL VARIABLES

1253             MAT161, CALCULUS I

2797             MAT161, CALCULUS I

3268             MAT161, CALCULUS I

4018             MAT161, CALCULUS I

1412             MAT162, CALCULUS II

1416             MAT162, CALCULUS II

1271             MAT263, CALCULUS III

1272             MAT263, CALCULUS III

2055             PHY111, UNIVERSITY PHYSICS I

1443             PHY112, UNIVERSITY PHYSICS II

1020             ENT301, MECHANICS I

1021             ENT302, MECHANICS II