Our Services

Individual Counseling: 

This service is when you meet with a professional counselor for regularly scheduled sessions. The sessions are usually limited in number to approximately 12 since we provide only short term therapy.

Group Counseling: 

In group counseling you will meet with 8-10 other students and professional staff members to discuss common concerns (e.g. relationship issues, eating disorders, stress and anger management). 

Psychiatric Consultation: 

A campus psychiatrist is available to consult with. Your counselor may decide with you that a referral for a consultation is appropriate. Medication or some other form of short-term treatment may be suggested to assist you in getting through a crisis situation.
Psychological Testing: 

Your counselor may suggest testing as a means of understanding yourself better.
Special Focus Workshops: 

The center offers practical, skills-based workshops on an ongoing basis. The themes of these workshops include stress management, sleep health, study skills, anger management, and interpersonal  communication skills.

Referral to Community Agency: 

Our services are limited to short-term counseling. The center can help you  with a referral to and connection with community services for long-term or more specialized assistance.

Concerns that may be addressed by The Counseling Center:

Academic Problems, Alcohol and Drug Use, Anger Management, Anxiety, Concentration Difficulties, Depression, Eating Disorders, Family Problems, Grief Reactions, Homesickness, Irritability, Low Self-esteem, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Pregnancy, Racial/Ethnic Bias, Rape/Sexual Assault, Sexual Orientation Concerns, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Sexual or Physical abuse, Interpersonal Conflicts, Stress Management, Sleep Problems, Test and Seminar Anxiety..... and many other concerns which may interfere with your success at Buffalo State College.

Making Your First Appointment

All Buffalo State College students, full or part-time may seek counseling support at the Counseling Center. There is no fee for services at the center. To schedule the  initial consultation session, call the Counseling Center at 878-4436 during office hours. The receptionist will ask for your name, address, and phone number, and will schedule a time for you to meet with a member of our staff.

Note:  It is normal to feel some apprehension about engaging in therapy. Click on the following links to download pamphlets explaining what to expect during our Intake sessions, Psychiatric Consultations, and Walk-in sessions, in addition to important information regarding group counseling and tips for managing stress.

Your Success Is Our Priority!