College can be fun and exciting, as well as something to be proud of; at the same time it can also be scary, daunting, and downright stressful! Developing your ability to adjust to challenges, to cope and thrive is called RESILIENCE- something we all have the ability to achieve!

The goal is not to avoid feeling stress altogether, stress can even be motivating; but to find ways to manage the stress in our lives so we can avoid or at least minimize negative consequences of stress!

The key to positive self care is to identify ways that are likely to work well for you as part of your own personal strategy for fostering resilience. Be selective in how you use your time. Over-extending can increase your stress (e.g. taking too many credits, changing your housing).  Positive self care might be reading, taking a weekend away, taking an extra hot shower, journaling, taking a fitness class, studying instead of going out, getting sleep, recording a song, using a budget, calling a friend, visiting local sites or something else that is totally all about you! The counseling Center offers opportunities to explore ways to improve your self care!