Student Gmail FAQs

We are pleased to announce that Buffalo State has chosen Gmail for its new email platform for students. Your Student Gmail account will also give you access to a number of Google Apps services, including Google Docs and Google Calendar. Your account will go live on October 12th, 2011. The items below should answer many of the questions you have about the transition.

1. When will Buffalo State be switching to Student Gmail and Google Apps?

You'll be able to access your Student Gmail account and Google Apps services on October 12, 2011.

2. Will my email address change?

No, you'll keep the same email address (e.g.

3. Will my password change?

Yes. Once your account is migrated over to Student Gmail, a new password will be randomly generated for you. You can retrieve your default password from Banner. Upon logging into your Student Gmail account for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new password.

4. If I forget my password, is there a way to reset it myself?

Yes. For instructions see:

5. Are you migrating my old mail to Student Gmail?

No, your old mail will not be moved to your Student Gmail account. However, your old mail will be archived, and you’ll still be able to access this account from: When accessing your old Webmail account, be sure to use your ANGEL/campus network credentials. Your Student Gmail credentials are not linked to your old account..  

6. Can my old mail be imported into Student Gmail?

Yes, you have the option of signing up to have your old mail transferred to Gmail. Visit for details. Please note: It will likely take several weeks after the cutover date to import a student’s old mail into their Gmail account.

7. Will my contacts be moved to Student Gmail?

No. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to transfer your contacts from Webmail to Gmail, so you'll need to make note of your Webmail contacts and update them manually. 

8. Can I access my Student Gmail account from my mobile device?

Yes. For instructions see:

9. I’m a graduate of Buffalo State. Am I eligible for a Student Gmail account?

Yes. All graduates from Buffalo State are eligible for a Student Gmail account. To request an account, contact the Alumni Office at 878-6001.

10. Will you provide assistance during the transition?

To get you up to speed quickly with Google, we've added links to a bunch of Google "Getting started" guides and help docs on the Student Gmail homepage. For additional training, you can stop by the Application Support Desk in Butler Library. If you need assistance accessing your account, please contact the Computing Help Desk.

 We think you'll enjoy your new Student Gmail account and Google Apps services, and we're committed to making this a smooth transition. If you have questions or comments concerning the transition to Student Gmail, you can send them to: