Moving your old email to Student Gmail

Now that your Student Gmail is active, your old Webmail account has been archived. All new incoming messages will be delivered to your Gmail account. Any messages received in your Webmail account prior to October 12th will not automatically be moved to your Gmail account. However, there are a couple of options to move your mail over to Gmail. You can forward messages to Gmail, or sign up to have your entire mailbox imported into your new account. 

Option 1: Forward messages to your Student Gmail account

If you only have a few important messages that you’d like to access from your new account, you can forward them from your old account:

1. Go to and click on the Login to Webmail icon to login to your Webmail account.
2. Select the individual messages you’d like to forward, or, to forward ALL messages on a page, click the Select link at the top of your Inbox.

3. Click the Forward button on the toolbar at the top of your Inbox.

4. Enter your email address ( in the To: field and click Send.

Please Note When accessing your old Webmail account, be sure to use your ANGEL/campus network credentials. Your Student Gmail credentials are not linked to your old account.

Option 2: Request to have your entire mailbox imported into Student Gmail

To have your entire mailbox imported into your new account, follow these steps:

1. Go to:
2. When prompted, login using your ANGEL/campus network credentials, making sure to enter bsclogon\ before your username.

3. You should receive a confirmation page indicating that your request was successfully received.

Please Note All mail items in your mail folders, EXCEPT for your Trash folder, will be imported into your new account. It may take several weeks for all of your mail to be imported.