Technology items purchased through your department

Departments are responsible for purchasing the items below. If a consultation is needed before a purchase is made, CTS staff can offer assistance via a request to the Help Desk.

  • Printer ink and toner cartridges
  • USB flash drives
  • USB (external) hard drives
  • USB optical drives (CD/DVD)
  • Memory cards (SD, etc)
  • Non-standard keyboards/mice (ergonomic, wireless, etc)
  • Microphones/headsets
  • Non-standard speakers (Bose, Pioneer, etc)
  • iPad cases
  • Special Cables/adapters/etc not normally stocked by CTS (could include micro-USB cable, USB hubs, serial adapters, other legacy items)

Technology items purchased through Computing & Technology Services (CTS)

The items below can be purchased through CTS. Our staff will assist with the ordering process and installation (if necessary), and may track these items as state-owned inventory.


  • Desktops (Dell, Apple)
  • Laptops (Dell, Apple)
  • Tablets (iPad, Nexus)

Computer Peripherals

  • Monitors
  • Standard keyboards/mice/speakers
  • Common cables (network, USB, VGA/DVI, power)
  • Docking stations


  • Network printers (e.g. laser jet)
  • Local printers (e.g. ink jet)

Please Note for Ricoh printers, contact Brian Parisi Copier Systems – 716-568-8800


  • New software licenses
  • Renewal of existing licenses
  • Maintenance on existing licenses (upgrade entitlement)

Visit the Hardware Pricing Information page for prices on standard hardware items.

*All AV items such as projectors should be requested through Instructional Resources – 878-4104