Connect to the Buffalo State wireless network

A number of buildings on campus have full or partial wireless coverage. If you're in a building with wireless access, follow these instructions to connect your laptop to the wireless network.

Step 1 - Confirm detection of wireless network (bscwlan)

If you're using a PC, hover your mouse over the wireless connectivity icon to confirm that bscwlan is detected (Figure 1). If you're using a Mac, click the wireless connectivity icon from the top menu bar to confirm that bscwlan is detected (Figure 2). 


Figure 1

Figure 2

Step 2 - Login to the Web Authentication page

Open your web browser application (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), login to the Web Authentication page using your Buffalo State username and password, and click Submit.

Step 3 - Surf the Internet!

If you receive the Login Successful confirmation, you are connected and ready to begin surfing. You can close this box by clicking the X at the top of the window. Your connection will automatically timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity.


Please Note If you have trouble connecting to the wireless, bring your laptop to the Application Support Desk or Computing Help Desk in E.H. Butler Library.