Map a department network folder on a campus PC or Mac

If you have been granted access to a department network folder, you can follow the steps below to map the folder on a campus PC or Mac.

PC Mapping Instructions

Follow these steps to map a department network folder on a PC:
1. Click the start button and select Computer
2. Click the Map network drive button on the toolbar
3. Select any available letter from the Drive drop-down list
4. In the Folder box, type the following: \\bscappm1\folder_name (replacing "folder_name" with the name of the department folder)

5. Make sure Reconnect at logon is checked, and click Finish
6. The folder should now appear in Computer as folder_name on 'bscappm1'

Mac Mapping Instructions

Follow these steps to map a department network folder on a Mac:
1. Go to your desktop and select Connect to Server from the Go menu
2. In the Server Address box, type the following: smb://bscappm1/folder_name (replacing "folder_name" with the name of the department folder)
3. Click on the plus sign (+) to add the folder to the Favorites Servers list
4. Click once on the Connect button
5. The folder should now appear on your desktop

Please Note These steps apply to campus computers only. Network folders are not accessible from off-campus. Also, if you use multiple computers on campus, you must perform these steps once on each computer.