Check your account settings in Entourage 2008

Since the move to the new Exchange 2007 server, Mac users have not been able to use Entourage 2008. We believe that the problems have been corrected, but you may need to adjust your account settings. If you're an Entourage 2008 user, follow the steps below to check your account settings, to ensure they match what is shown in the pictures below.

1. Open Entourage and select Accounts... from the Tools menu.

2. There should be an Exchange account listed. Double-click this account to open the Edit Account screen. Make sure your account settings match what appears in the picture below.

3. Click the Advanced tab and make sure the settings on this screen match what appears in the picture below.

4. Click OK to save the changes and close the Accounts window.

Note After adjusting your settings, if you continue to experience issues sending/receiving mail, or accessing shared or public calendars, please contact the Computing Help Desk for assistance (878-4357).