Record a problem for the Help Desk on Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a new tool called the Problem Steps Recorder which allows users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. After recording the problem, you can save it to a Zip file and send a copy to the Help Desk.

1. Click Start, type record steps and select Record steps to reproduce a problem

2. Click Start Record to begin recording (or press Alt+A).

3. While recording, walk through the steps to reproduce the problem you were experiencing (e.g. open the file or application that was giving you an error).

4. If necessary, you can click Add Comment to add comments while recording. Click OK when you’re done.

5. Click Stop Record to end the recording.

6. Select a location and enter a file name for the file. Click Save.

7. Attach the file to a new message and send it to