Lookup your computer’s IP address on Windows 7

If you use Remote Desktop to access your campus computer from home, your computer’s IP address may have changed if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your computer was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Your computer was replaced with a new or refurbished computer
  • Your computer was reimaged due to malware
  • Your computer’s hard drive was replaced due to hardware failure
  • Your computer was powered off for an extended period of time

Follow the steps below from your Windows 7 workstation to lookup the new IP address:
1. Click Start and type the word command in the search box
2. Click Command Prompt under the Programs list

3. Type the word ipconfig at the command prompt
4. Under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, make a note of the number that appears next to IPv4 Address (e.g. 136.183.x.x)

5. Use the new IP address obtained in step 4 when remoting into your office workstation from off campus

Please Note These steps apply to authorized Remote Desktop users only. If you are interested in using Remote Desktop to access your office computer, you must first attend a short training session with Paul Reynolds. Visit for more information.