Blackboard is Buffalo State’s learning management system. Some instructors use Blackboard to post announcements, the course syllabus, notes, and to e-mail students. This is where you will go to access your online courses.

An Blackboard account will be created for you within 24 hours of registering for classes via Banner. You will only see classes on Blackboard that you are officially registered for in Banner.

Not all instructors use Blackboard. If you log into Blackboard and do not see one or more of your classes, first ensure you are registered for that specific class. If you are, ask your instructor if they are using Blackboard that semester.

To access Blackboard go to For assistance accessing your Blackboard account, please contact the Computing Help Desk.

Getting help with Blackboard

The Open SUNY Support Services provide a seven-day-a-week help desk for Blackboard technical support. For all questions about how to use Blackboard, please call Open SUNY Support Services at 1-800-875-6269 or submit an online Help Request. The Open SUNY Support Services cannot help you with specific questions regarding courses or groups in which you may be enrolled: for inquiries regarding materials in those courses or groups, please contact your instructor.

To learn how to use Blackboard, spend some time in the Blackboard Student Orientation. It is a practice course intended to show students how to interact within Blackboard.   You will learn some new terms and features such as how to participate in discussions, ask questions, and submit assignments. You can complete the Blackboard Student Orientation during one session or you can return for multiple sessions.  It is recommended that students complete all of the learning modules prior to beginning their course work.

There are also online help guides on The Official Blackboard Help Site.

Searching for non-Buffalo State online courses via Open SUNY Navigator

If you are currently enrolled at Buffalo State and are interested in taking an online course offered by another SUNY a list of online course is available on the Open SUNY Navigator. The course will not use Buffalo State’s Blackboard system. It will be important to contact the host campus of the course for further information.

Turnitin Instructions

Buffalo State College uses Turnitin, a textual similarity software program, also known as plagiarism detection. For students, Turnitin can be an effective tool that you can use to improve your writing skills. When writing papers, you may be asked to refer to other people's ideas and attribute (or reference) them appropriately. Sometimes a student may unknowingly use another person's work and/or not reference the work properly. In some cases, this may be referred to as "plagiarism". For more information on plagiarism see Butler Library’s helpful guide at

While it is possible to include a Turnitin dropbox within an Blackboard course site, some instructors require students to create their own accounts on If you are asked to do so, see and the Turnitin Student Instructions.