Banner is Buffalo State’s course registration system. This is where you will go to register for your online courses. To access your account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find your Banner ID number

The first step is to visit the address below to look up your Banner ID number:

Step 2: Change your Banner PIN

Once you have your Banner ID, you should change your default PIN. When you logon to Banner for the first time, you’ll receive a message that your PIN has expired, and you’ll be prompted to create a new one.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click the Self-Service Banner button in the center of the page.
  3. When the new window opens click the Log in to Banner link.
  4. In the User ID box, enter your Banner ID.
  5. In the PIN box, enter your DOB in MMDDYY format.
  6. When prompted to change your PIN, enter your DOB again in the Re-enter Old PIN box.
  7. Type your new PIN in both the New PIN and Re-enter new PIN boxes, click Login.
  8. Enter a Security Question and Answer when prompted. The question should be something that only you know the answer to, and the answer should be short (e.g. What is my mothers’s maiden name?).

Please Note Your new Banner PIN must be exactly six letters/numbers long, and is case sensitive. 

Step 3: Register for courses

Once you have successfully logged into Banner, you're now ready to register. Visit the links below to learn how to search and register for classes:

Banner assistance

For assistance accessing your Banner account, please contact the Computing Help Desk.

For all other Banner questions or inquiries, please contact the Registrar's Office.