Setup your Buffalo State e-mail account on your Android

Faculty/staff can setup their e-mail account on an Android phone using the instructions below.

Important! The steps in this guide may be slightly different depending on the model of phone you have, and the version of the Android OS you are running.

1. Press the application button on your phone to bring up your applications menu.
2. Tap the Settings button.

3. From the Settings screen, tap the Accounts button.

4. Tap the Add Account button.

5. From the Setup accounts screen, tap the Corporate Sync (or Exchange ActiveSync) button. 

6. When the next screen appears, enter the following information:

  • Email address - enter your Buffalo State e-mail address
  • Password - enter the password you use to logon to Buffalo State computers
  • Domain - enter BSCLOGON
  • Username - enter your Buffalo State username

7. Tap the Next button.
8. When you receive the Could not auto-detect server message, tap the OK button.

9. A new entry field titled Server will appear on the next screen. Enter in this field, confirm that Use secure connection is checked, and then tap the Next button.

10. You should receive a confirmation message that your account was successfully configured.

Sync Your Calendar and Contacts

By default, only your e-mail is synced when you setup an e-mail account on your Android. If you’d like to sync your phone with your Buffalo State calendar and/or contacts, follow these steps:

1. From your Home screen, select Settings.
2. From the Settings screen, tap the Accounts button.
3. Tap the button for your Buffalo State account.
4. Check the options next to Calendar and/or Contacts, and tab OK.

Note Android phones have "data push" enabled as the default email delivery/synchronization option. If enabled, this option can quickly drain your phone’s battery. It is recommended that you disable "push" and enable "fetch" instead as the email delivery option. Check your phone’s manual for instructions.