Buffalo State is committed to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community where our students, staff, faculty and visitors can work and learn in an environment that supports the academic mission of the College, adheres to College policies, and respects the dignity and worth of members of the Buffalo State community. The means through which we express ourselves as members of this community continue to evolve with the advent of technology. The College is supportive of these technology-based communities, as they can greatly enhance the social and learning experiences for people working and studying at Buffalo State. However, the use of such technologies comes with both rights and responsibilities.

Community members are reminded that images, postings, dialogues, and information about themselves or others posted on the internet (e.g. on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook) are public information. While College officials do not actively monitor these sites, content that is brought to the attention of the College which describes or documents behavior that reasonably suggests violation of the Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities or other College policies is subject to further investigation. The College reserves the right to respond to such incidents, which may include disciplinary action.