The Buffalo State College Campus Safety Forum was first established in 1984 as a result of a policy instituted by the SUNY Board of Trustees.  The Trustees' resolution 84-108, instituted on May 23, 1984, endorsed actions taken by the Chancellor directing SUNY campus presidents to establish advisory groups committed to reviewing campus safety issues.  Since then, the Buffalo State Safety Forum has been charged with studying issues and making recommendations relating to personal safety on campus, particularly the personal safety concerns of women.  Primary tasks of the Safety Forum include:

  • reviewing policies on sexual assault;
  • reviewing and suggesting improvements in safety education programs;
  • assessing the availability of counseling services for survivors of crimes;
  • reviewing victim referral and campus response procedures for sexual assault situations; and
  • continuing ongoing assessment of the quality of campus personal safety policies, practices, procedures, and programs. 

The Safety Forum is committed to strengthening relationships between the campus and the Buffalo community; regularly assessing student, faculty, and staff perceptions of safety issues on campus; supporting programming that promotes personal safety awareness; and increasing public knowledge of relevant events and issues on campus.