Pledge for a Civil and Caring Academic Community

As a new student to Buffalo State College, being admitted to the rite of matriculation in baccalaureate study, I hereby pledge:

  • To commit to the purpose of becoming an exemplary learner and achieving my academic goals
  • To be disciplined in my efforts, practice academic integrity and abide by the college’s academic and conduct regulations
  • To conduct myself with dignity, honesty, and civility
  • To treat others with the same kindness, care and concern I wish from them 
  • To behave in a just and respectful manner, practicing social and personal responsibility and respecting the views and diverse backgrounds of my teachers and peers
  • To honor and celebrate the contributions, legacy, and reputation of Buffalo State College in this community and the world.

Compact for a Civil and Caring Academic Community

If you commit to the Pledge for a Civil and Caring Community, members of the faculty and staff will do their part: 

We will support you when you need guidance,
We will encourage you to resolve conflicts peacefully,
We will assist you in times of difficulty and
We will protect you from those who threaten the health, safety and security of our community.

This is our Compact for a Civil and Caring Academic Community. By working together, we make Buffalo State a safe, secure, and challenging place for you to learn and grow.