The Students of Concern Care Team intervenes to provide support for students who raise concern about their potential for harm to themselves or others.  The Care Team will assess the potential risk to personal and campus safety that might result from the actions of individual students, will connect students in need with appropriate resources and will monitor compliance with required support plans.

The Care Team includes faculty and staff from the following offices:

  • Academic Deans
  • Counseling Center
  • Dean of Students
  • Office of Judicial Affairs
  • Disability Services
  • Residence Life
  • Student Life 
  • University Police
  • University College Academic Standards
  • Weigel Health Center
  • Equity and Campus Diversity

The team is charged with taking steps:

(1.) to collect information about students who demonstrate, through current or past behavior, conduct or expression that they may pose a safety risk to either themselves or the campus community

(2.) to connect information that is collected into an assessment of risk that may exist

(3.) to prevent possible harm by recommending appropriate action to either assist an individual in fulfilling their obligations as a student or to remove an individual student from the campus community.  The committee is led by Charles B. Kenyon, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, and its proceedings are confidential.

The Care Enough to Call  flyer provides guidance as to the appropriate resources to contact in the event of a student concern.  If you feel you need further and more immediate attention, please complete the Students of Concern Care Team Online Reporting Form. 

Please be sure to use proper Buffalo State College logon format:  bsclogon\username.  Failure to use the proper format will prevent the online reporting form from being accessed.