1.   The unlawful use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances and alcohol on Buffalo State College property, or as part of a college-sponsored activity, is prohibited.

2.   Students who unlawfully use, possess, manufacture, or distribute controlled substances will be subject to the college’s due process disciplinary procedures as published in the Student Handbook and distributed once a year in the Record.  Penalties may include probation, suspension, expulsion, and referral for criminal prosecution.

 3.   The penalties for illegal use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances can include prison terms ranging from one year to life, and fines ranging from $100,000 to $4 million.

4.   Students convicted of drug distribution or possession may have their eligibility for financial aid suspended.

Where To Get Help On Campus for Alcohol and Drug Related Problems

The College Counseling Center, 878-4436, on the 2nd floor of Weigel Health Center, is available for students who need assistance in dealing with drug or alcohol-related problems.  Qualified counselors will assist you in problem identification, assessment, and resolution, and, when necessary, referral to qualified rehabilitative programs.

(Please refer to the federal trafficking penalties chart included in this Handbook.)

Health Risks to Keep in Mind

It is in your best interest to be aware of the health risks you may experience if you choose to abuse alcohol or illicit drugs.  Recent information indicates that the long-term effects of alcohol abuse include liver damage, heart disease, ulcers, depression, malnutrition, delirium tremens, cancer of the mouth, stomach and esophagus, brain disease, damage to a developing fetus, and ultimately death.

The negative effects of substance abuse include hallucinations, psychological or physical dependence, heart problems, malnutrition, deterioration of internal organs, depression, comas, confusion, loss of coordination, flashbacks, irrational behavior, hepatitis, convulsions, and loss of judgment.

There is strong evidence that alcohol and illegal substances will harm your chances of success in school and can indeed be life threatening.