Dear Buffalo State Neighborhood Residents:

As we welcome the start of the 2010-2011 academic year, I want to take a few minutes to inform residents and neighbors about our efforts to ensure that our students are good neighbors and contribute positively to the quality of life in the neighborhoods where they live.

Buffalo State is committed to working with neighborhood residents, city officials, elected leaders, and our own student community to ensure that those attending Buffalo State behave as responsible members of the local community. In light of that commitment, we recently conducted meetings between the college, its neighbors, the Mayor of Buffalo, the Deputy Police Commissioner, the Deputy Chief of D-District, the Housing Commissioner, and the Chief Justice of Housing Court to discuss ways we can partner in prevention.
We expect our students to represent the college with appropriate behavior in communities where they live, work, or visit. We actively inform students, whether they live on- or off-campus, that when they venture into the community to visit friends, attend a party, go shopping, see a movie or patronize local businesses, their actions are viewed by the community as representative of Buffalo State students in general. For that reason, we also make sure students know that Buffalo State’s Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities—the Code of Student Conduct—applies to behavior both on- and off-campus. Students are informed they will be held responsible for their conduct, wherever it takes place, and risk penalties, including dismissal from the college, depending on the violations that occur. 

College faculty and administration strongly encourage commuter students to get involved on campus. We offer students more than 80 registered clubs and organizations and an abundance of student-theater performances, athletic events, concerts, lectures, and social events to attend. We do so knowing that students who are engaged on campus with their faculty and their peers are among the most successful at college. Our Student Life Office has initiated a new effort to involve commuter students in life on campus, providing workshops, social events, and mentoring to help commuters become more connected with our faculty, staff, and with each other. 

A special Web site for Off Campus Student – Community Relations has been created on the Dean of Students home page to keep students and neighbors informed about our expectations for student conduct in the community and the resources we have available to assist them.  Please visit the site for information about actions Buffalo State has taken over the years and our plans for the future to strengthen our role as a good neighbor in Buffalo’s West Side community.  We encourage you to help us achieve our “good neighbor” goals and to let us know of your questions or concerns by contacting the Dean of Students Office in Campbell Student Union 306, by telephone at (716) 878-4618, or by e-mail at

Hal D. Payne
Vice President, Student Affairs
Buffalo State College