Buffalo State College
Responding to Student Misconduct in Neighborhood Communities

Buffalo State College aims to instill in all of our students positive citizenship goals, respect for neighborhood residents and the quality of life in our community, and a commitment to engage in civil and caring behavior.  To this end, the college conducts numerous educational and motivational programs and upholds standards of discipline that apply wherever students represent the college, its reputation and its interests, anywhere in the world.

Planning for Improved Campus / Community Relations
In fall 2010, the vice president for student affairs will sponsor a campus/community planning session to identify workable practices aimed at resolving campus/community concerns. Participants in the planning session will include campus, neighborhood, city and student representatives. It is expected the suggestions arising from this planning session will reinforce and expand the following list of actions already under way. Consultants such as Thomas Gebhardt, director, Office of Personal Safety and Off Campus Affairs, SUNY Albany, will be considered for participation in the planning session.

Off-campus Student Orientation

  1. At the start of the 2010-2011academic year, Buffalo State will conduct a special orientation program for students who live off campus, especially targeted for off-campus Greek organization members and off-campus student athletes. This program will address the college’s expectations for off-campus student conduct and will provide information about campus and community resources available to commuter students including police and fire safety services, housing assistance, and transportation options.

  2. Information about campus and community resources available to neighborhood residents and the college's expectations for student conduct and behavior, whether on- or off-campus, will be disseminated to commuter students and residents in neighborhood areas near to campus using the college Web site and a community door hanger informational device.

 Educational Programs

  1. At orientation, all new students are informed about the “Citizen SUNY” expectations of the SUNY Chancellor and about the college’s Compact for a Civil and Caring Academic Community. Students pledge, at orientation, to uphold standards of personal responsibility, respect, and care and concern for the safety and welfare of others.

  2. Athletic coaches and advisers to student clubs and organizations encourage student members of groups to behave in ways that reflect positively on their group and the college.

  3. Special focus programs are held throughout the year on topics such as hazing, prevention of sexual assault and violence, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and other conduct-related concerns.

  4. A community door hanger information project is used to disseminate information at the start of the academic year about who to call if problems arise and to promote awareness and communication among neighbors and students.

Disciplinary Action

  1. Disciplinary sanctions are applied through the student judicial system, where appropriate, to students found in violation of College’s Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities for conduct occurring either on- or off-campus.

  2. Student-athletes are subject to penalty by their coaches if found responsible for conduct that violates the standards and expectations of the intercollegiate athletics department.

  3. Student Greek-letter organizations are expected to uphold community standards consistent with the mission and goals of the organizations.  Greek-letter organizations that fail to do so are subject to discipline under the guidelines for Greek organizations on campus.

  4. Individual students who are identified by community members as causing disruption to the community are required to meet with the Dean of Students to discuss the impact of their off-campus conduct and our expectations for Buffalo State students as responsible citizens.

  5. Where specific houses are identified as a “problem property” rented by Buffalo State students, the college will collaborate with community political and administrative leaders to encourage student and neighbor participation in mediation efforts aimed at increasing respect for each party’s concerns and reducing problem behaviors.

  6. University Police provides assistance to Buffalo Police when called upon to support police-based interventions in neighborhoods near to campus, including crowd control, coordinated raids upon house parties, fire safety, and building inspections and other interventions.

Prepared August 2010