Dear Buffalo State Neighbor:

Buffalo State is proud to be known as a civil and caring academic community. As a member of Buffalo’s West Side community, we believe—as you do—that everyone is responsible for keeping our neighborhoods safe, clean and vibrant. Together, as neighbors, we can work to make our communities safer and better places to live.

While the vast majority of Buffalo State College students are responsible community members, we recognize that the behavior of a select few can be an irritant to our valued neighbors. That is why Buffalo State will pursue disciplinary action against students who are disruptive to the quality of community life. 

For help with nuisance issues (loud noise, parties, parking) involving Buffalo State students, call Buffalo Police at 911 or the D District Station supervisor at 851-4413.

D District can contact the Buffalo State University Police if necessary.  The report from Buffalo Police will provide the names of individuals involved and the facts of the incident, which will be used by the College to hold students accountable for their conduct. 

If follow up is needed, we encourage you to contact the Mayor’s Call and Resolution Line at 851-4890 or Buffalo State’s Dean of Students office at 878-4618.  We’ve included other telephone numbers on this card for your reference.

Telephone Numbers (716 area code)

 City of Buffalo   
 Buffalo Police     911  
 D District Station     851-4413 
 Housing Inspections    851-4972  
 Fire Prevention     851-5707 
 Mayor’s Call and Resolution Line (851-4890) 311  
 Crisis Services (24-hours)    834-3131 
      Joseph Golombek (North District)  851-5116
      David Rivera (Niagara District)   851-5125 
      Michael LoCurto (Delaware District)  851-5155

Buffalo State College
University Police     878-6333
Dean of Students     878-4618 

Dear Buffalo State Student:

Living off campus can be a great way to enjoy city life with your friends. It is also a time to learn how to be a responsible member of your community. 

Here are some ways you can help keep your neighborhood enjoyable and safe for all:

  • Get to know your neighbors—they can be a great help to you.
  • Be considerate: keep noise down, especially late at night.
  • Socialize responsibly. Drive only when completely sober. Know your limits and stay within them.
  • Keep your yard clean. Take out garbage weekly and use recycling bins. Cut the grass and shovel driveways.
  • Pick up litter— even if it's not yours.
  • Report any crime by calling 911 (Buffalo Police).
  • Do not travel alone, especially at night.
  • Lock doors and windows. Leave an outside light on.

Remember, Buffalo State’s Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities–the Code of Student Conduct–applies to behavior taking place both on- and off-campus. Students will be held responsible for their conduct and risk penalties, including dismissal from the college, depending on the violations that occur. 

For more information on personal safety both on and off campus, please visit Buffalo State’s University Police Web site

Remember, it is up to you to help create the civil and caring community that makes Buffalo State a special place for all.