Dear Parents of New Students at Buffalo State:

Welcome to the Alcohol/Sexual AssaultEdu course where you will learn important information we are providing your son or daughter to make our campus a safer place for all.

Buffalo State is a community of people who care about and care for each other. We care about your child’s success as a student and their growth as an individual.  We expect them to feel safe in the presence of others, respected for who they are and who they wish to become, and free to express their views and opinions.  We also expect that your child, alone or in a group, will not create conditions in which academic failure or personal harm, injury or even death might result.  We want your child to look out for themself, their friends and their companions, making sure they stay out of harm’s way. And, if someone’s health or safety is at risk, we expect your son or daughter will call for help.

We have these expectations because Buffalo State is a community that cares.

Our commitment to safety includes a commitment to prevent alcohol abuse and to respond forcefully to incidents of sexual violence, intimate partner violence (dating or domestic violence), stalking and sexual harassment. At Buffalo State, these acts of violence are unacceptable and must not be tolerated by anyone in our campus community.

We have asked your child to take an online educational course that could make a real difference in their life.  AlcoholEdu will empower your son or daughter to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and will help them better cope with the drinking behavior of their peers.  Sexual AssaultEdu addresses many of the assumptions and stereotypes associated with sexual assault, rape, stalking, and harassment.  It also will help your child understand the meaning of consent, how to help a friend, and how to intervene in a situation that might escalate to a sexual assault.   Alcohol/Sexual AssaultEdu will inform your child about campus programs and resources where they can get more information, find support, or get involved in our other prevention efforts.

Unfortunately, many times people stand by when acts of violence occur. Instead, we call upon our students to “Do Your Part” for Buffalo State.  “Do Your Part” is our call to action whenever there is a potential for harm.  We don’t accept alcohol abuse or sexual violence as something to put up with, but not change. That is why we selected Alcohol/Sexual AssaultEdu as a course which all new students must complete to help all of our students better understand how to act as a responsible member of a caring community.

We invite to see what the course covers by taking AlcoholEdu for Parents. Simply follow the instructions on the “Take AlcoholEdu for Parents” website.  As you complete the course, remember that we need your child to help create the kind of caring community we wish for ourselves.  We need them to help keep our campus safe.  Let us know if you have concerns about what your son or daughter, other students or student groups might be doing.  Encourage your child to partner with their friends when going to unfamiliar places and to talk with each other about how to stay safe, whatever they do.  If our students take care of themselves and care for the well-being of others they will help create a truly caring campus community.

Thank you for participating in this endeavor to improve our campus community.  I invite you to let us know your suggestions by contacting Buffalo State’s AlcoholEdu Team at:  We welcome your help in making sure all our students have a safe and successful academic year.



Charles B. Kenyon

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students