Helping a Friend with Stalking 

Victims of stalking can exhibit a variety of different behaviors

  • They may feel angry, irritated, fearful, shameful or hopeless about their situation.

  • They may attempt to minimize the danger by saying something like “It’s no big deal.”

  • They may even try to take responsibility for the situation or feel protective of the stalker.


What You Can Do to Help 


 Things to look out for ---

  • If your friend is showing signs of strain, let your friend know what you notice and express your concern.  

  • Encourage her/him to keep a record of what has been happening and help preserve any evidence.

  • Consider referring her/him to a confidential and supportive resource like The Counseling Center or Crisis Services.

Things to avoid ---

  • Do not try to minimize the situation. 

  • Do not try to run your own investigation

  • Do not confront the stalker because it can easily backfire and escalate things, putting you or your friend at risk. 

  • Do not make this about you.