Power-based interpersonal violence is as serious a problem on college campuses, as it is in the larger community.   Victims on college and university campuses, unlike their counterparts in the larger community, often face additional challenges in a “closed” campus environment. 

Violence Intervention & Victim Advocacy (VIVA) provides leadership to address these types of campus-specific issues related to power-based interpersonal violence within the Buffalo State community.  VIVA works closely with campus and community partners to establish an environment that supports and empowers victims/survivors and challenges a culture that accepts power-based interpersonal violence.

VIVA provides support and advocacy for Buffalo State students who are directly affected by power-based interpersonal violence and those who are seeking guidance on how to best help a friend or family member.  We strive to establish a safe space where victim/survivors and their supporters can learn about campus and community support services and be empowered to make choices about what, if any, action s/he wants to take. 

VIVA’s programs and services are provided free of charge to members of the Buffalo State community.


Direct Services

  • provides support for victims/survivors through advocacy and crisis intervention services

  • assists victims/survivors with requests for academic and housing accommodations

  • provides information to friends and family members of victims/survivors

  • has information and referral resources for services on- and off-campus

  • provides advocacy for victims/survivors including assisting with disciplinary and/or police procedures (if the victim/survivor desires to pursue these options)

  • accompanies victims/survivors to hearings and/or any meetings to provide support and information about processes and procedures on- and off-campus


Awareness, Education and Training Programs

  • provides students, faculty and staff with current available resources pertaining to power-based interpersonal violence

  • conducts informational sessions for student groups

  • offers training programs for staff and faculty on how to help students in crisis

  • works with Health Promotions and other campus departments and  offices to conduct public awareness campaigns about power-based interpersonal violence